Gasless Trading for ZED RUN Racehorses + Giveaway

ZED’s NFT racehorses are now FREE to trade, in other words, no more gas fees! ZED RUN players are among some of the first who will now be able to trade (and play the game) without paying astronomical gas fees, with ZED being one of the very first NFT games to switch over to layer 2 side chain Polygon (previously Matic). Players can now also buy and sell horses on OpenSea’s Beta L2 Marketplace

Other exciting news includes a new drop and a giveaway. The new Genesis Racehorse drop is happening today at 10PM PT today, so make sure to check out the ZED RUN marketplace later today before the new thoroughbreds sell out. 

NFT Plazas is also running a special giveaway. The winner will receive two ZED RUN Genesis horses to race or breed. They will be a special Genesis breeding pair, named NFT Degen and DeFi Degen. The winner will be drawn this Sunday, March 21 at 2PM GMT and the winner can then breed these 2 degens until their heart is content. To enter the draw, click here

ZED RUN is the first game of skill horse-racing to live not only on the blockchain but in an open market. ZED first-generation racehorses are known as the Genesis breed and there will only ever be a total of 38,000 Genesis-bred racehorses within the ZED ecosystem.

There are so many exciting new features to come in the next few weeks from ZED, including the launch of their new governance token, so there has never been a better time to become a true racehorse owner of the digital age.

Image credit: via ZED RUN

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