Zed Run Launches the Fibonacci Cup Tournament

Virtual horse racing platform, Zed Run, has launched its latest grand equestrian tournament. The Fibonacci cup will see the greatest thoroughbreds on the blockchain battle it out for out and out domination.

Initially, horses will compete within their preferred “distance funnel,” separated into three brackets for “sprinters,” “mid-runners,” and “marathoners,” before competing in a series of races featuring all three distances in order to determine an overall winner.


Qualifying for the contest is already underway, and will continue until 12AM UTC on November 24. Entrants must compete in a minimum of 30 races representing their preferred distance funnel. Throughout this qualifying period, points are awarded based on race position. Therefore, horses with the highest average points will progress to the final stages. The top 1152 racers will proceed to the next round, divided into 2 separate contests and split evenly between “tournament A,” and “tournament B,” where “A” represents the very best horses.


The finals of the competition will begin at 9AM on November 24 and continue through until the grand final at 11PM on the same day. This manic day of incredible racing will see the field whittled down to just 12 racers for each tournament, who will then compete for the incredible prize pool. A grand total of over $100,000 is up for grabs, with $73,730 reserved for tournament A, and $31,600 for tournament B. Furthermore, each horse positioning 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any race will receive a share of winnings, while these shares increase as the tournament continues.


Join the Zed Run fun >> Here

Learn more about the tournament >> Here

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