Get Your Studs Fired Up – ZED Gasless Breeding is Here

Exciting news – The Stud Farm is back on ZED RUN and live on Matic’s Layer 2 solution, which means gasless breeding and fast transaction speeds! This is a fantastic achievement by the ZED development team who continue to lead from the front with L2 integration.

Stable owners can breed with their WETH (ZED) Balance so players don’t need to transfer race winnings out from their WETH Balance into ETH Balance to breed. On top of that, the stud fees returned to the owners have also been increased by 50+%.

The Breeding Fee structure has been updated and stable owners now have the option of placing their male racehorse (i.e. colt or stallions) into the breeding farm and setting their own price (ZED RUN will automatically suggest a minimum breeding price to help you get started). 

Breeding has long played an essential role in the ZED RUN ecosystem, and around 29% of all racehorses are offsprings created by stable owners, quite a big number. Breeding adds a super fun and exciting game element where skill and strategy is needed to maximise legacy and yield potential.

It also brings many benefits to players such as the potential of breeding a champion racehorse, breeding more unique NFTs, breeding an extremely rare racehorse with a Super Coat, and earning a real return by breeding valuable and sought-after racehorses. 

Read more here about Stud Farm and everything you need to know about breeding. 

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