Worldwide Media Coverage For NFTs From Around The World – September 2021

Welcome to the bi-weekly round up of NFT news from around the world, where we gather the top NFT-related news that have been featured by major media outlets in the past two weeks.

It’s been a very interesting two weeks, and there were many tweets from community members being featured in interviews for popular news outlets. There were also some major players joining the NFT scene recently and a number of celebrities aping into collectibles.

Now let’s dive in and see which top NFT news made it into mainstream media!

Bored Ape Yacht Club on ESPN

The popular sports broadcaster, Ros Gold-Onwude, talked about her BAYC NFTs on Dogs of Sportsnation on ESPN. She briefly describes what BAYC is about and the NFT community.

Vogue Releases First-Ever NFT Magazine Cover

Vogue Singapore released the first-ever NFT cover for its September issue, which is also the biggest and most important issue of the year. This marks a monumental moment for the mainstream adoption of NFTs. There are two different NFT covers that users can see by scanning the QR code on the magazine. The NFTs were designed by prominent CryptoArtists Shavonne Wong and Chad Knight.

Art in America Reports on NFT Art Galleries

The world’s premier art magazine, Art in America, released an article on metaverse art galleries, NFT exhibitions, and what’s happening in the digital art scene. The article also discusses the Superchief NFT gallery, Sotheby’s online auction and gallery in Decentraland, and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art.

The Wall Street Journal Reports on Hacks & Scams in the NFT Space

The Wall Street Journal released an article discussing how hackers and scammers are using NFTs to exploit the community. No doubt that a number of people in the NFT community have suffered massive losses in the past few months, both through wallet hacks and scams. The article also talks about artist Milos Rajkovic who recently found an impostor trying to sell off 122 of his works as NFTs for as much as $50,000 combined.

CNBC Reports on CryptoPunks & NFTs Going Mainstream

Visa recently made headlines around the world and on CNBC with its purchase of CryptoPunk #7610 for a cool 49.5 ETH. This was a significant moment in NFT history, as the payment giant invested in the NFT movement. The purchase was orchestrated by newly licensed Digital Asset Bank, Anchorage.

Roger Dickerman, founder of the Artifex Project, was interviewed by CNBC reporter Kelly Evans on The Exchange show. He talks about the inherent value of NFTs, why they aren’t just a passing fad, and what the next phase of the market is.

PCMag Releases an Article on NFT Collectibles

Leading tech magazine, PCMag, released an article titled “Hollywood Looks to NFTs (and Fans) to Get Their Shows Funded.” The article asks the question: can producers keep crypto communities engaged enough to really do battle with deep-pocketed execs?

It also talks about BAYC, Stoner Cats, Glue Factory Show, and more. It takes a look at how NFT collectibles projects are more than just social profile pictures; they are also lucrative endeavors with strong communities and many have managed to raise money to fund other initiatives.

Bloomberg Reports on Blockchain Gaming & OpenSea

Bloomberg regularly releases snippets of what is trending in the NFT scene. These past two weeks the publication featured Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Seven Seven Six and CEO of OpenSea, Devin Finzer. Ohanian delves into the mechanics of blockchain gaming and the huge potential of the play-to-earn model. He also mentions how Axie Infinity has positively impacted Filipino communities.

In an interview with Emily Chang, Finzer shares the details of OpenSea’s growth, current statistics, the reason why NFTs have grown so much, and the future of OpenSea.



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