Worldwide Media Coverage For NFTs From Around The World – September 2021

Welcome to the bi-weekly round up of NFT news from around the world, where we gather the top NFT-related news that have been featured by major media outlets in the past two weeks.

This past week we saw quite a stir in the NFT space with OpenSea’s insider trading discovery by community members. Gary Vee also had great news for all Veefriends holders with the announcement of his NFTs on Christie’s, and a number of other exciting developments were picked up by the media.

Now let’s dive in and see which top NFT news made it into mainstream media!

Gary Vee Gets Interviewed on CNN 

Business mogul and NFT enthusiast Gary Vee, was interviewed on CNN about NFTs and he also surprised everyone, and especially the Veefriends community, about his upcoming auction on Christie’s. The auction house will sell five of his original NFT doodles.

Art News Features Art Blocks

Premium art publication, Art News, featured an article on the generative art platform, Art Blocks. The article takes a look at why algorithm-generated NFTs are rising in value, and why they are sought after. It also discusses the future of Art Blocks, how it is changing the status quo of generative art, and whether or not this medium is here to stay.


Financial Times Publishes an Article on NFT Mania

Finance magazine, Financial Times, published an article exploring the rise of NFTs, what that means for the future of the metaverse, and Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for creating a metaverse. It also discusses the obstacles of creating a metaverse and mainstream adoption and the difficulties with regulating bad actors in the space.

Forbes Features RTFKT

RTFKT, a next-gen fashion brand and studio born in the metaverse, has really been making waves in the past six months. They have worked with major artists in the NFT space and many of their ideas are novel and interesting. Forbes released a special article on RTFKT, asking whether their upcoming avatar project will be the next big next thing in NFTs and fashion. Dubbed “The Akira Project,” it will be made up of 20,000 avatars, of which 10,000 will be available for pre-sale to current collectors of RTFKT’s NFTs on Ethereum. So will RTFKT’s Akira NFTs be tomorrow’s ultimate flex?

The Art Newspaper on NFTs as Art

The popular Art Newspaper published an article on Russia’s State Hermitage Museum and its move towards recognizing digital art. According to the article, it recently reaped $440,500 from an auction of five historic NFT masterpieces from its collection, from Leonardo da Vinci to Van Gogh, hosted on the Binance NFT Marketplace. In November, the museum will stage a fully virtual research exhibition of “born-digital” NFT art. The virtual exhibition aims to explore the artistic, rather than commercial, possibilities of NFTs. Director and contemporary art curator, Dimitri Ozerkov, recognizes NFTs as art, and is immensely excited at how this new medium will shape our society and futures.

CNBC Talks About OpenSea Insider Trading Drama

As many will have heard by now, OpenSea was the star of the show this week with its insider trading saga. Not only CNBC, but mainstream media in general, went pretty wild on this one, and most tech and crypto-related news sites released an article on the allegations that Nate Chastain, Head of Product, was involved in some shady business. NFT Plazas also released an article on this story.


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