Worldwide Media Coverage For NFTs From Around The World – August 2021

Welcome to the bi-weekly round up of NFT news from around the world, where we gather the top NFT-related news that have been featured by major media outlets in the past two weeks.

Mainstream media is increasingly covering a variety of blockchains and NFT projects. Enjin was featured in a long research article this week on Forbes, Paris Hilton talked about NFTs on The Tonight Show, and worldwide news publications reported in everything from crypto fashion to NFT gaming and NFT sports collectibles.

Now let’s dive in and see which projects are catching the attention of mainstream media.

Forbes Features an Article on Enjin

Reporter Kenneth Rapoza wrote an article for Forbes on the ecosystem of Enjin, and how his experience has been with the platform. He talks about the Enjin Network and its 20+ million users across more than 250,000 gaming communities. He also covers the history, its dedicated gaming community, blockchain assets, and the future of Enjin.

Axie Infinity Makes Headlines on Business Insider

Axie Infinity has been breaking all records for the past two weeks, and Business Insider reported that “last week it clocked its highest-ever $1 billion in trade with its crypto-based virtual economy.” The article explores in-depth the gaming mechanics of Axie Infinity, the challenges it has been facing due to the sudden surge of users, and how it has been performing compared to other NFT projects.

The Economic Times Tries to Be Up to Date with Teenagers and NFTs

In a rather hilarious title, The Economic Times released an article dubbed ‘What’s attracting teenagers to the NFT art boom?’ The article tells the story of a few different teenagers who are deep in the “crypto scene” and how they found out about the NFT space. Each one has their own interpretation of what NFTs mean to them and how it has affected their lives financially.

“It’s partly to get virality,” said Brent Lomas, who founded the Queenly NFT, a site that sells the work of LGBTQ artists. “These kids are pretty savvy. They can look at other drops and model their work after it. If you’re young and you get social media and meme culture, it is possible for you to go viral with your first drop and get attention and make money.”

Reuters Reports on Crypto Fashion

Worldwide news publication Reuters, posted a video as well as an article on the crypto fashion movement and why people are keen to pay money for digital clothing. The article talks about Hiroto Kai’s Japanese-inspired garments which the designer stayed up all night creating when Decentraland announced in June users could make and sell their own clothing for avatars to wear on the site. Selling kimonos for around $140 each, he said he made $15,000-$20,000 in just three weeks.

CNN Features Football Star Alphonso Davies

CNN featured an article taking a look at Alphonso Davies’s life as a superstar in football, and his future plans. Davies talks about the launch of his NFT collection in June, which included three unique pieces of virtual art created by US-based illustrator Jack Perkins. Before releasing each design, Davies rallied his online followers with a social campaign, which allowed fans to vote on each aspect of the collection’s designs.

Paris Hilton Talks About NFTs on The Tonight Show

Paris Hilton has been somewhat less active in representing the NFT space recently, much to the dismay of many female artists who expected her to support them. However, on The Tonight Show she appears to know how to perfectly explain what an NFT is.

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