Game Changer Alert! Get Paid To Work at a Virtual Casino in Decentraland.

A few years ago metaverse employment would have seemed an impossible dream that would never come true. But yes it’s true folks, Decentral Games is continuing to lead from the front and is now hiring $DG hosts in the Decentraland metaverse! This means that instead of going to a dull 9-5 office job, people from around the world can now log on and work inside Decentraland, for an honest wage, in an alternate reality.

Decentral Games is looking to hire employees who can act as virtual human assistants, instead of having virtual assistants powered by algorithms. By having a real person behind the digital avatar, users can have a more enjoyable and personalized experience in the metaverse. 

At the moment, Decentral Games is looking for applicants who are already part of the in-game community since active members who are fans of the platform have a good understanding of the products launched by Dencentral Games. They are also more experienced in the user journey which means they can easily share their knowledge and offer help to new Decentraland users. 

If you’re interested in becoming a $DG host, make sure to reach out to the team on Discord. For more details, click here.

Congratulations to Baus and the whole Decentral Games team!

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