What’s Happening on Blockchain Cuties Season V

The Cutieneers of Season V continue exploring, battling and trading. At the same time, there are some newcomers in Cutieland as well as new season updates coming soon. There are six Ice Monsters roaming in Cutieland at the moment. Two of them joined last week and have already reached stage six in their development. Some Cutieneers have put up their Ice Monsters for adoption, so be sure to carefully explore the market. 

Ice Crystals still remain as the most popular crafting ingredient of the season to buy and sell, with almost 500 lots sold in the past 30 days. The supply and demand for Obsidian Glass is steadily growing, and it is currently in second place on the ingredients market. Other rare ingredients which are growing in demand are Shiny Pearls and Dragon Scales. 

Blockchain Cuties recently introduced a new section in the items market – the key market. Here you can buy keys to season adventures, and the market also saw some exponential growth in the last one month. Lake Fleila Key is still the most trendy key on the market, with 35 lots sold in 30 days. 

We also saw also some interesting shifts in the season’s top players. Some new players managed to shake things up for the veterans and climb to the top, and some jumped thirty levels in just one week. Will it be the veterans or the new faces that stay at the top? 

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