Largest NFT Collector WhaleShark to Auction Off Artworks on Sotheby’s

The world’s biggest NFT collector, with the world’s largest NFT collection of over 390,493 NFTs, announced an exclusive auction on Sotheby’s Natively Digital 1.2 If you’re not sure who that is yet, then it’s time to open up the NFT history books and go back to the WhaleShark chapter.

The anonymous collector WhaleShark has been in the space for over two years now. Over these two years he’s bought NFTs, he’s been gifted NFTs, and he’s gifted NFTs; but up until now he has never once sold an NFT from his collection. On behalf of the $WHALE community, for the first time ever the collector will be auctioning off three NFT artworks from the collection.

For the curation, WhaleShark collaborated with the artists behind the three master artworks, which are said to be some of the most valuable CryptoArt pieces in the NFT space today. These eternal masterpieces are highly representative of WhaleShark’s NFT journey and the “early days” that marked the rise of the artists’ prominence and legacy.

Every piece was picked from the $WHALE vault together with the artists, signifying a shift in what it means to buy-and-sell. This new paradigm involves communication, partnership and friendship between digital art creators and their collectors.

To ensure that the $WHALE community continues to have a strong treasury, 50% of the profits from the auction will be utilized in a $WHALE token buy-back from the open market over a period of 6 months, to be re-deposited back into the $WHALE treasury for future distribution. Profits will be calculated net auction fees and a 10% royalty to the artists.

The auction will take place from October 14 to October 21. Stay tuned for the reveal of the NFT artworks.

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