Weekly Whale Watch: $700,000 Metaverse Land Sale

Welcome to the third edition of Weekly Whale Watch, an NFT Plazas column in which we dive into the most expensive NFT transactions in the past week. This week we had some interesting whale purchases, including an expensive piece of Land that we’ll visit in Decentraland, and an awesome piece of history from TIME Magazine.

$704,000 Decentraland Land

EST #4186, located at roughly -80, 113, was purchased on May 27th for a staggering 759,361 MANA (worth $703,922 at the time of sale). This virtual real estate is located near the Tominoya Casino, so there is a pretty substantial amount of foot traffic in the area. I went ahead and jumped into the metaverse to see if I could get an idea for what we’ll see, but the Land is still barren.

$700,000 Land
Image Source: Decentraland

We have some thematic clues considering the nearest district is Vegas City, but nothing on the map yet. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see what nearly $1 million in the metaverse can do. Congratulations to the virtual land tycoon that scooped up this sweet piece of Decentraland real estate!

$466,000 Meebit

Meebit #16920
Image Source: OpenSea

Another Meebit was purchased for a cool half a million this past week.

Meebit #16920 was picked up by the user, 1E8980, on OpenSea on May 22. The avatar sold for 201 ETH (worth $466,243 at the time). This Meebit features a slick hairstyle and cool purple tanktop, with casual jeans and shoes. It’s definitely one of the more low-key Meebits in the set, but I respect the style.

Congrats on your fresh new Meebit, 1E8980!

$306,000 Hackatao Sale

Image Source: SuperRare

VR.Girl is an animated NFT that features a bright, animated background that flashes shades of pink, blue, and green. The cartoonish woman that stands in front of the vivid animation is covered in black and white illustrations and various phrases related to the metaverse. To top it all off, the woman’s headset displays a rotating street-view from CryptoVoxels, which can be found here. The combination of the various flashing and rotating elements is almost disorienting, but in a super fun way.

Hackatao describes their artistic inspirations as “the main issues of society, environment, humanity and crypto, as well as references to art history, symbolism and psychology.” One look at VR.Girl and it’s fair to say you can see a little bit of most of those inspirations on full display.

VR.Girl was purchased by the user, keyboardmonkey3, on SuperRare for 118.45 ETH on May 25th (worth $306,645 at the time of sale.) Congrats, keyboardmonkey3!

$305,000 for the First Issue of TIME Magazine

TIME First Issue - March 3, 1923
Image Source: Super Rare

TIME Magazine has been selling NFTs of their magazine covers, and have been quite successful in doing so. TIME First Issue – March 3, 1923 was purchased by the user mondoir on May 21st for 123.6 ETH (worth $305,435 at the time of sale). This particular NFT comes with the actual, physical first issue, making it all the more incredible.

Mondoir actually has quite a few Time magazine NFTs in their impressive collection. Kudos to you mondoir, this NFT is an awesome piece of history, and I’m sure you’re happy to have added it to your collection!

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