Legendary Band ‘Weezer’ Embrace NFTs on WAX

Quintessential 90s era pop-rockers Weezer are set to take the NFT world by storm on April 28th at 1pm EST.  The collection will be released on WAX and will include limited-edition NFT trading cards to commemorate the release of Weezer’s 14th studio album OK Human. Dubbed ‘OK Crypto’, the collection will be released in partnership with RAREZ, who have been working tirelessly to connect music artists with the blockchain world.

Two packs will be available for purchasing: The Standard Pack, which will contain 10 NFTs will be available for $20, and the Mega Pack of 25 NFTs for $40.The cards will represent each of the 12 tracks on the album and the NFTs will be available in 5 degrees of rarity.

A grand total of 125,000 cards will exist, with only 12 of this number representing the Ultra Rare “golden ticket” category. These Ultra Rare “golden tickets” will be redeemable for a physical item handmade by Dan Polydoris of Death by Toys.

All Weezer OK Crypto cards are pre-minted in the packs, so buyers don’t have to open the packs right away. This allows collectors to have a chance at receiving lower mints, regardless of when the packs are opened.

Image credit: via pitchfork.com

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