Weekly Whale Watch: $900,000 Metaverse Land Sale

Welcome to the fifth edition of Weekly Whale Watch, an NFT Plazas column in which we dive into the most expensive NFT transactions in the past week. This week, we had another high-dollar metaverse land sale and several unique pieces from SuperRare. We’ll talk about each NFT, their buyers and creators, and of course, we’ll pay a visit to the newly purchased parcel of land.

$914,000 Metaverse Land Sale

Image Source: Decentraland

Decentraland parcel, EST #4247, sold for a staggering 1,295,000 MANA (worth $913,808 at the time of sale) on June 17th. This piece of Land is in the Dragon District, near the Gamer Plaza, Nifty Passage, Crypto Valley, and several other well-known locations. There isn’t anything in the parcel yet, but the Dragon District is known for being “a city full of Chinese cultural deposits,” so we’ll hopefully see some cool Chinese architecture pop up in the near future.

Congrats on your new million-dollar land purchase, anonymous crypto millionaire!

$174,000 XCOPY Sale

Alight here for Dystopia
Image Source: SuperRare

Another XCOPY piece sold for six figures this week. You’ve likely already have heard of London-based NFT artist, XCOPY, but if you haven’t, check out our second edition of Whale Watch, in which two XCOPY pieces were purchased for a combined $861,938 in a single week!

This newly-purchased piece is titled Alight Here for Dystopia, which features a simple but unique, blue and black animated white noise pattern. There isn’t any indication of what the exact inspiration is for the piece, although the description reads “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform,” which is an audible warning for rail passengers in London. This awesome animated NFT was purchased by the user, batsoupyum2, for 67.3 ETH (worth $173,879 at the time of purchase).

Congrats on your cool new XCOPY piece, batsoupyum2!

$25,000 Ness Graphics Sale

Nature Prevails
Image Source: SuperRare

Alex Ness is a digital artist who has been creating 3D designs since early 2010. He has designed visuals for award-winning artists like Lil Nas X, Travis Scott, Diplo, and Imagine Dragons. His animated visual Nature Prevails, which features an eerily beautiful dystopic scene in which nature seems to have taken over a once-populated city, sold for 10.3 ETH on June 16th (worth $25,409 at the time of sale).

This unique animated NFT was purchased by user, keyboardmonkey3, who we’ve actually talked about on Weekly Whale Watch before. Keyboardmonkey3 was the whale that purchased the VR Girl piece that we shined a spotlight on in the third edition of this series. VR Girl is an animated NFT that features a bright, animated background that flashes shades of pink, blue, and green, with a nude woman wearing a VR headset who is covered in tattoos.

Congrats on your new piece, keyboardmonkey3! Your collection is awesome and it just keeps getting cooler.

Punks List

CryptoPunk #8805 – Sold for $337,056 on June 16th
CryptoPunk #9214 – Sold for $144,189 on June 16th
CryptoPunk #3873 – Sold for $140,996 on June 17th
CryptoPunk #1308 – Sold for $119,026 on June 11th
CryptoPunk #512 – Sold for $117,565 on June 15th

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