WAX Weekly: How ‘Bitcoin Origins’ Gave Away a Bitcoin in Telegram

Well ladies and germs Jeffalomaniac here, back with another WAX on Wednesdays and boy was it a busy week. I know I was in line for the Baby Metal Japan WAX Blockchain listing which was supposed to last 72 hours, but lasted a measly 72 seconds before selling out. I haven’t received my NFT (1of 1000) yet, but no assets have been created in the collection so patience young grasshopper! Bumbling around the blockchain I stumbled across an incredibly interesting project named Yoshi Drops, by artist Yoshi Kondo. I recommend you check that out if you haven’t already.

This Week on WAX

Overall for WAX it was a slow news week for big named IP which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as we have seen scaling issues be quickly extinguished by the WAX dev team. The Weezer drop seemed to be a bit of a flop considering my $500 dollar contribution to the Weezer fund is worth a mind boggling $90. Sadly I expected more from the well respected band.

Just because WAX didn’t have much for big named IP this week it did not slow down user additions. The usual suspects running in the top five, Alien Worlds leading the charge for game play with AtomicAssets and AtomicMarket helping both artists and more complex projects get off the ground with little upfront costs. An honorable mention goes to R-Planet for adding 37k new users as well as smaller exchange SimpleAssets adding 18k in users looking for the latest and greatest NFTs. 

The biggest differences I have found between the ETH and WAX NFT communities is case use. If you launch a project on the WAX blockchain AND provide liquidity with your warez, you can nearly guarantee the requests to collaborate from other projects will be fast and furious. Instead of paying $1000 dollars in $ETH for a pretty picture and then maybe hanging it in the metaverse somewhere, you could purchase a @KennethBosak GIF for a reasonable price then stake that NFT on R-Planet and earn $AETHER the native token for that game. Sell that $AETHER for more $WAX and buy more NFTs! 

This Week’s Project Spotlight

Project Name: Bitcoin Origins
Social Media: @BitcoinOrigins
Currency: WAXP
Telegram: https://t.me/BitcoinOrigins

My most anticipated launch this week ties directly to our Project Spotlight this week…none other than Bitcoin Origins, their Digital Alchemy blending application release, and the beginning of a new puzzle. As I typed this I watched the Bitcoin Origins Telegram community of 4814 absolutely blow up because Digital Alchemy is upon us…


Bitcoin Origins

What is Bitcoin Origins

Bitcoin Origins is the first of its kind community driven treasure hunt built on the WAX blockchain. Their goal is memorialize Bitcoin’s history through amazing art work, while giving people a better basic understanding of what has actually happened to get here today. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin disappeared from the world December 13, 2020 signing off from the reddit (handle GTIM code) and never was to be heard from again (accept a few emails that have surfaced after researching).  He warned of his leaving and stressed that we were in good hands, but there was more work to be done.

“The first Bitcoin transaction recorded was by a gentleman named Laszlo Hanyecz for 10,000 Bitcoin, he bought two pizzas for what is worth about half a billion dollars today. Bitcoin’s creation basically reads like a Dan Brown novel. From this angle the project creators were able to build small community of followers who wanted to learn more about Bitcoin and who came together for a common goal. Find the Golden Rabbit and the winner would be awarded 1 Bitcoin.

Project Team and Community

So now that I have you intrigued I’ll elaborate a bit on the project roots. I believe Jeremy and the crew over at BTCO will be pleased with the little trail of breadcrumbs you were led on how the project works. The mission statement in the Telegram I believe hasn’t been updated since inception and I love that.

Immortalizing Bitcoin’s most important moments through an exclusive set of digital collectible cards. Join the hunt for the golden rabbit and the 1 Bitcoin prize” is the description that you will see when joining the Telegram, but ask around and you will find out this project has evolved into so much more.

NFTs were released in Moments, 1-6 having already been released. Each moment represented had three pack options distinguished by MB size 1, 2, or 4 MB blocks Priced accordingly the more expensive blocks had more elusive content and the scarcity was very low, while the cheaper blocks contained more common cards. We were continually warned that value was in the eye of the beholder and that more would be revealed. Clues for the puzzle were relayed to us from a telegram called The Looking Glass, by the sole resident of the telegram a user name GTIM code. Man this was fun!

For the past two months a few leaders (Garc and Aesthetic Joker stand out to me the most) would steer the ship of the community leading the charge of the hunt. We worked together day and night to solve a piece of the puzzle as a community. All the while GTIM code was lurking and would relay messages to us if we were on the right path or not!

Bitcoin Origins - Mt. Gov
Bitcoin Origins – Mt. Gov

My Bitcoin Origins Journey

Back in November 2020 the WAX blockchain resembled an empty country western town scene complete with a tumbleweed #NFT blowing down the digital road. The #waxgang was thirsty for anything.

The Deadmau5 release was cool and got our appetite wet but everyone was thirsty for more. I think it was around Moment 1 that I saw 1MB, 2MB, and 4MB Blocks listed for sale on AtomicHub marketplace. I saw the resale value and patiently waited for the next drop. This is one thing I have learned in both crypto and the NFT space, READ EVERYTHING.

My Investment Strategy

I purchased three 2 MB blocks and promptly listed them on AtomicHub for 4x the cost. BOOM! I was in business. I had flipped a couple blocks and had more WAX to spend! In hindsight I would have never sold those blocks and would have opened them. I mentioned the Telegram community above, this is the center of the universe for most crypto projects. You can tell the quality of a project by their Telegram.

Do they have an admin team? Is it full of spammers trying to get you to invest in the latest moon or dog related deflationary token? Are people chatting together as a community? Is it respectful? I learned quickly that this small community of people (at the time it was a couple hundred of us) had been assigned a task and for the completion of said task one person would be rewarded 1 actual Bitcoin. The task was to find the Golden Rabbit. My strategy quickly changed from reselling blocks to hoarding blocks and NFTs as fast as I could.

New Digital Alchemy Release

Digital Alchemy essentially rewards collectors for their assets in the form of points, the catch…you have to burn the asset to receive the reward points. Reward points can then be spent in alchemy block rewards at 40/60/100 point increments. Needless to say I frantically burned $2700 dollars worth of assets. Yes you read that correctly. This project from the very beginning has been faith based. They had faith the community would build itself through allure and intrigue. They were right. I believe. They told me to burn, so I did. They also forced you to keep your more elusive assets, so I had that going for me!

Bitcoin Origins Digital Alchemy
Bitcoin Origins Digital Alchemy

Hunting For Rabbits

One evening my entire house sat together with pages printed out everywhere trying to solve this one clue. I couldn’t remember the last time we had done anything like that! As clues got solved GTIM code broke us off into smaller groups and the community was kept abreast of all statuses. It was amazing to see. People who didn’t make the cut would cheer on the others! An organic community had spawned from a treasure hunt led by a figure named GTIM code, which if you think that sounds familiar those are the last words of the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto typed before signing off forever. I don’t think it gets better than this.

THE WAX Blockchain

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is the largest decentralized entertainment and video game network. The Wax Cloud Wallet provides the easiest avenue for new users to create a wallet and begin buying and trading NFTs as well as access to the WAX blockchain DeFi utilities. Anyone can create, sell and share NFTs on the WAX blockchain without fees. Join the millions of early adopters!

That’s all for today. Join me next week!

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