War Riders Partners with Immutable to Resolve Gas Fees

War Riders, the #MineorDie MMO game of earning cryptocurrency and blowing up cars, is supercharging its game by integrating Immutable. What does this mean for the community and what are the benefits? 

Gas fees have been a huge problem and barrier for everyone in the NFT space. By using Immutable X, players will now be able to do gas-free minting and trading while still using the Ethereum blockchain. This means that there will be instant transaction confirmation, mainstream-quality UX, and no compromise on user security. 

Immutable X is the first L2 for NFTs, and it is not its own blockchain but rather a layer on top of another blockchain. The Immutable X L2 rollups directly use Ethereum’s security rather than using its own validators. This makes it the most secure L2 environment currently. Even if the Immutable API goes offline, you’ll still be able to withdraw your assets back on-chain. Immutable has also been working for years with other major blockchain games like Gods Unchained

War Riders will be launching the first sale on Immutable X before the end of March 2021. The game is currently available in Windows, MacOS and Linux. A mobile version will be coming later next year. Download the game and connect your wallet to start playing!

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