Vulcan Forged is Now 100% Gas Free

Vulcan Forged, the creators of Vulcan Verse and an entire NFT dApp ecosystem, game studio and marketplace, is now completely gas-free! Users will now pay absolutely zero gas and don’t need any fees in their wallets to buy, sell, trade or create NFTs with Vulcan Forged. 

The team has also announced that the Vulcan Forged marketplace, which is now among the top 5 NFT marketplaces across all blockchains, will be switching over to $PYR on May 10th at 4Pm GMT, so all $VET marketplace transactions will be replaced with $PYR. 

Vulcan has an enormous community of gamers, developers and streamers, and it is one of the fastest growing dApp platforms, with more than 12k users and 6 million in trading volume. Vulcan offers a no-gas minting NFT platform customized to the needs of each builder, as well as a cross-chain wallet for which Vulcan sponsors all the gas needed to allow users to focus on games and using the NFT ecosystem.

If you’re new to the epic MMOPRG Vulcan Verse, here is the 101 manual on how to play and own Land, Vulcanites, Gods, and Items.

Image credit: via Vulcan Forged

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