Voxies – The Cute Collectibles with Gameplay Utility

Voxies, cute, lovable and collectible 3D voxel buddies, have been one of the latest NFT projects to capture the attention of the community. These brand new NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain are not only fun and cute but they also offer a fully functioning tactical gaming experience.

Voxies are procedurally and randomly generated. Each Voxel Buddy contains a large number of different attributes and traits, because of this each one is unique and fun to collect. An example of this is the cosmetic attribute which offers costumes and hats. Other attributes include race, and what class of job each Voxie has.

The tactical role-playing game, Voxie Tactics, is what makes this project different to other NFT collectibles. The game is still in development but a few teasers have been released, which can be be viewed here. Voxie Tactics is a team-based tactical game, where players control multiple characters. Each of these characters is represented by a Voxie that players directly own as an NFT.

Find out more about Voxieverse, Voxie gameplay, and what’s next here. This looks like it’s going to be a super fun game!

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