Vogue Features Women Creating CryptoArt

Vogue Magazine has been taking a look at women making NFT art and the gendered challenges they face. The feature covers a number of female CryptoArtists including Krista Kim, who recently sold a stunning digital home on SuperRare for over $500,000 worth of Ether.

Photographer Isabel Malia, a photographer creating NFT art with a history of meaningful portraits of women, maintains that though women are present in the industry, “it seems like other men hold off on sharing and supporting artists that aren’t men.”

CryptoArtist Maalavidaa, whose work explores colorful patterns, states, “It’s no secret that the industry has a huge male presence that makes it more difficult for females to be seen, to be heard, and for their work to prevail.”

As Vogue points out, men in CryptoArt have been getting most of the recent attention for high sales leading to most of the mass media coverage of late. One group seeking to change the situation is Women of Crypto Art or WOCA. Vogue spoke with GixelXFlorex, a WOCA cofounder and early innovator in the cryptoart scene, about what the group is doing.

She revealed that they are currently working on building a WOCA Museum in Cryptovoxels to house CryptoArt by women. The group has already held the She Art event in Cryptovoxels which was a huge success.

To keep up with WOCA’s activity, one can visit their website.

Another initiative is Heal The Deal, founded by Maalavidaa as “crypto’s first ever emotional support club” with weekly sessions on Clubhouse.

Despite perceived obstacles, these women see great promise in NFT art and are taking direct steps to address their issues of concern. Vogue’s attention to these CryptoArtists definitely helps them in their mission.

Read more at Vogue.

Thanks to Clyde F. Smith for this guest post..

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