New Game: Pagan Gods Upcoming NFT Sale

A new blockchain game, Pagan Gods, based on dark Slavic mythology is being launched later this year, and a special collection of hero cards is being released for players to purchase beforehand. The game is based on achieving success and glory by summoning and leading an army of courageous warriors.

There are three ways to gain some honor and find wealth within the precincts of Pagan Gods. These are; to compete and fight other travelers for glory and gold (all the rewards can be exchanged for real money), dispatch your squad into extensive war campaigns to gain new cards and resources, or engage in epic battles for the right to possess unique cards and the rarest resources.

Each warrior in the game represents a unique NFT card. Players can exchange or sell a warrior after they have enough new cards (characters) to compose a squad (fighting force). The upcoming sale will feature 2000 “Skeleton” hero cards with increased attributes and a one-of-a-kind design, which will not be available to buy or get in the game.

The sale starts on June 7th at 5PM UTC and ends on June 9th 5PM UTC. 

These cards have a mining multiplier of 1,1, meaning that players who use this card in their squad will get X resources multiplied on this rate (1,1 in this case, the highest possible rate to get). They will be available to buy via WAX. The money from the sale will be used for further marketing, and Unity and blockchain development.

Read more about the sale >> Here

See the demo >> Here 

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Image credit: via Ino Worlds

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