Two Brand New Toshimon Collectibles on Sale

Two new limited edition Toshimons have just been released. Let’s give a warm welcome to first generation King Bera and Baby Bera. They can be purchased on OpenSea either with ETH or with ToshiCash. There are only 7 editions of King Bera and 100 editions of Baby Bera. 

Toshimon is a browser-based video game that uses limited-release NFT collectibles as in-game items. That means each Toshimon you collect becomes available to battle in-game and with each victory your Toshimon becomes stronger and mightier. 

You need a team of 5 Toshimons to take on their opponents and there are 14 types of Toshimon. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses and it’s up to each player to decide how to best assemble their team and prepare for any challenger in the turn-based Toshimon Arena. If you want to assemble a stronger team, you can purchase Toshimons from secondary markets such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Once you’ve become more confident in your skills you can choose to put Ethereum on the line using the peer-to-peer wagering system. This provides a fun and competitive way for players to showcase their skills and support the secondary NFT market. 

There are also regular crypto prize tournaments and wager battles so anyone can become a pro. If you want to learn more about Toshimon and what’s in the works, then tune in on Clubhouse for a 2-day Global Crypto meetup. The event will take place between 22nd and 24th February. 

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