Meet Triptcip: An Exciting New Hub for Electronic Music NFTs

Music NFTs have increasingly been taking the spotlight in recent months, with electronic music producers such as Steve Aoki and 3LAU earning millions through NFTs. This has sparked media and music industry buzz, and caught the attention of musicians looking for new ways to make an income through their music. NFTs have come at the perfect time as a new avenue for artists to earn money since online music streaming has significantly reduced profits from digital downloads and CDs.

A new, innovative platform is being released for electronic music artists to create on and fans to engage with in novel ways. Triptcip – a new marketplace for electronic music NFTs with experimental visuals, is set to launch in July 2021. What makes Triptcip an alluring platform for musicians is that there is an already built-in superior “visual sequencer” browser tool that music producers can use to create stunning visuals for their music.

This gives them all the power and freedom to create a mind-blowing, full package NFT without having to rely on visual artists. There will be over 8000 unique psychedelic visuals to choose from, and all of them can be mixed, blended and looped in interesting ways. Each week the platform will feature 1-of-1 NFT drops of unreleased electronic music for selected artists. Each NFT will include the audio file along with a unique visual sequence built with the experimental visual sequencer.

The creators of the platform are a small team of creatives and developers with the goal of liberating artists by creating a unique experience between the world of music and crypto. According to the roadmap, they are currently onboarding new artists, so if you’re a musician and have some tunes to spin, make sure to join the Discord group.

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