Trevor Jones & His Angelic Drop on NiftyGateway

Time for the next record shattering Trevor Jones drop on NiftyGateway on February 24th at 7PM EST. This is going to be an insanely cool drop with many twists. 

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Trevor Jones masterpiece, this could be your chance. There will be fourteen 1 of 1 artworks and one of them will be an open edition drop. 

The artworks chosen for this drop are from the last 10 years of Jones’ art career. The physical palette of Jones’ 2020 “Picasso’s Bull” will also be auctioned. The palette holds a lot of meaning and sentimental value for Jones as it represents the starting point for some of his most well-known and iconic NFT drops and paintings. 

The open edition drop, called “The Bitcoin Angel,” will be available for purchase for 7 minutes for the price of $777. To make the drop more interesting, everyone who purchases this piece will be entered into a draw where they can win a 1/1 NFT of Jones’ Conor McGregor portrait. 

I chose #7 in this way as seven is considered a heavenly number, it’s mentioned numerous times in scriptures, and it represents the Bitcoin Angel wonderfully.” – Trevor Jones

If that’s not exciting enough, everyone who has an open edition will also be entered into a draw to have a portrait of themselves or a loved one drawn by Trevor Jones himself. The draw for the portrait will take place when Bitcoin hits a predetermined USD value, the details of which will be announced on the 24th at the drop. 

This is typical of Trevor, who is one of the most genuine and innovative OG crypto artists out there. It is rumored that his creativity is oiled by a strange combination of Irn-Bru alongside a large cup of tea, but we wouldn’t want to comment on that. Best of luck, Trevor!

For more information about this drop click here

Image credit: Art by Trevor Jones

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