Thomas Canto ‘Genesis’ Launch Party in the Metaverse

Digital art maestro Thomas Canto is best known for his portrayals of the stark urban environment that most of us inhabit. Fascinated by the contrasts between light and shadow and how they interact with the cold lifeless geometric shapes, Thomas favours a mechanical style, utilising technology as his medium in order to act as a gateway between the people, and the city-scapes they spend their lives in.

Inspired by sprawling metropolises in the world’s most densely populated cities it’s hard not to feel at awe when confronted by his epic representations of scale and the sheer magnitude of the areas portrayed.

His latest project, ‘Genesis,’ shows the artist in fine form. To celebrate the link between technology and art, all the artworks within the Genesis Series will be available as NFTs, as well as being displayed for all to see in his CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space galleries.

The Genesis NFT launch party is being held this Saturday, May 1st from 1pm until 3pm EST. The party will take place in the CryptoVoxels and Somnium Space galleries simultaneously and will feature a live DJ set from musicians Wild Dark Music.

Head on over to one of the galleries to get a sharp dose of culture from a world leading talent.

Image credit: via Thomas Canto

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