The Weekly Rundown – NFT Sales October 1-8 2021

After the recent investment of $152M on Axie Infinity (Sky Mavis) led by a16z, I have strengthened my thesis in play to earn and cashflow generating NFTs. PFPs are great, JPEGs are tremendous, but there can be so many in that category. As with any startups, 90% of them fail; it does not matter the market segment or where they are started, like in the metaverse, not all of them could be successful; it’s how things are with the complicated nature of creating a company, so a good bet is blue chips JPEGs and cashflow generating NFTs like Axie Infinity assets.

Let’s now concentrate on the data and see how sales are going.

Big Sales of the Week

Ringers #109 for $6.9M
Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis for $3.5M
TIME The Future of Business (Beeple Edition) for $2.4M
Bad Flavour for $1.7M

What Collectible Market Data is Telling Us

Collectibles Markets October 8th

Top 4 Collectibles

Axie Infinity made $136M in sales with a total of 140k buyers who transacted 507k times – a 39% increase from last week.

CryptoToadz made $55M in sales with a total of 744 buyers who transacted 1,209 times – a 174% increase in sales volume from last week.

CryptoPunks made $52M in sales with a total of 99 buyers who transacted 111 times – a 16% decrease in sales volume from last week.

MekaVerse made $47M in sales with a total of 1,510 buyers who transacted 2,544 times.

NFT Markets

NFT Markets Last 7 Days

The biggest NFT markets or marketplaces where you can buy technically any NFT standard on the Ethereum network are OpenSea and Rarible.

OpenSea made $842M in sales with 169k buyers, almost a 31% increase in sales volume last week.

Rarible made $4M in sales with 3,452 buyers, a 42% decrease in sales volume last week.

Top 4 New Collectibles in the Last 7 Days

New Collectible Markets Last 7 Days

This is our segment where we evaluate the 4 latest best-selling collectibles every 7 days, according to OpenSea rankings (we pick the first 4 with less than 7 days of data).

MekaVerse made $46M in sales.

The Humanoids made $24M in sales.

Galactic Apes made $18M in sales.

Mutantcats made $14M in sales.

What CryptoArt is Telling Us

CryptoArt October 8th

Let’s quickly break it down for perspective:

  • August sold $88.81M
  • September sold $75.68M
  • October so far $28.3M

CryptoArt markets still choosing to focus their capital in 1/1 pieces. SuperRare is responsible for more than 55% of all sales this month.


I think that every niche has its place in the NFT metaverse, but data is always showing us that blue chip NFTs do well, and that P2E assets are starting to crunch it. There are still many developments to be done in the space, but currently, we have a clear winner with a strong first-mover advantage, and that’s Axie Infinity.

Competition is coming soon, but are competitors like Star Atlas and Illuvium are really ready to support good mobile gameplay? The last Axie member community call said that 75% of Axie users are Android/mobile users, and most people who use the internet in 2021 use a mobile device. Something interesting to think about is the play-to-earn landscape.

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