WAX: The Street Fighter Launch in Numbers So Far

Street Fighter NFTs are on fire. On launch it had done more than $2M on sales during the first 24 hours in the primary market alone. They were launched after the NBA Top Shots surge and quickly climbed to the #6 position at CryptoSlam.

But what are Street Fighter Cards?

It’s a card collection game launched by WAX in a partnership with Capcom. You can buy, sell and trade the cards using the WAX Blockchain. 

The packs were sold last Feb 19 for 24 hours in the primary market. If you want to join in, the only way is to buy them in secondary markets like wax.AtomicHub.io or WAXPlorer.

And how does it works?

You collect Build Cards, then combine two matching Build Cards to unlock a new card with one of six rarities. It’s pretty easy. The problem is that build cards are burned when used, which increases card scarcity and value, so burn your cards wisely. 

Now to the full sales data analysis…
Primary Market
    • Standard Packs sold 27k at $9.99 for a total of $260k
    • Ultimate Packs sold 35k at $49.99 for a total of $1.7M
Secondary Market

Last 7 days (technically just 3 days, since Feb 19)

    • Sales amount $730k getting the position #6 on Cryptoslam close to Sorare* volume (#5)
    • Total users that participated were 3,320 a 2x compared to Sorare
    • Total transaction accounts for more than 108k more than 10x of the projects from 2-5 combined

CryptoSlam 7 days sales by volume

(Source CryptoSlam)

Last 24 hours

    • Sales amount $218k
    • Total users that participated were 1,362
    • Complete transactions account for more than 23,032, just shy of 25% of the amount of NBA Top Shots

CryptoSlam 24 hours sales by volume

(Source CryptoSlam)

Where is all of this heading?

Nobody knows for sure, but NBA Top Shots already paved the way for more card collectibles projects, and the data is transparent Street Fighter Cards had a spectacular launch. We should pay attention to this project in the upcoming weeks.

*Sorare is a Blockchain-based fantasy football game.

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