The Sandbox Releasing Shaun the Sheep NFTs

The cutest and funniest sheep is coming to the metaverse! For anyone who was (and still is) a fan of Shaun the Sheep, The Sandbox announced it will be launching the first NFT collection, “Shaun the Sheep Heroes” on April 20th at 1PM UTC. 

The collection will allow both creators and players to use six Shaun the Sheep characters within The Sandbox. There will be a total of 831 Shaun the Sheep NFTs available for sale, and one very rare and unique Super Shaun which will be up for auction for 24 hours on OpenSea. The NFTs can be bought directly via The Sandbox market, and payment can only be made with the metaverse’s native token, $SAND. 

This will be the first of many sales on The Sandbox’s NFT Marketplace featuring collectible digital assets from major brands and IPs, as well as from creators from its community, including featured and time-limited sales. 

Who could imagine that a humble sheep would be a pioneer as the first virtual character turned into an NFT in The Sandbox gaming virtual world?” said Sebastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “It is our pleasure to work with Aardman to empower the creators on our gaming platform to play, create, and engage with Shaun the Sheep through these branded and exclusive NFTs that anyone can now acquire on our Marketplace with this first exclusive sale.”

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