The Sandbox Public LAND Sale Starting Soon

The Sandbox is releasing several public LAND sales throughout 2021. Each wave will be different with its own unique ASSETS, themes, content, and partners. 

For the first public LAND sale, The Sandbox partnered with CoinMarketCap (CMC), an asset-price tracking website. The Sandbox recently launched their first NFT gaming campaign, “Learn and Earn, The Sandbox,” on CMC’s platform. CoinMarketCap was established in 2013 and it is one of the most used price-tracking websites for crypto assets. It’s often cited by popular news outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg. 

The first LAND sale wave is launching on 11th February at 1PM UTC. During the first wave, there will be 9 ESTATE auctions and 1,200 Premium LANDs for sale. The ESTATES auction will take place on OpenSea and it includes 6 superhero NFTs. The 6 EPIC heroes are Liquefier, Hothead, Protector, Sage, Brawler, and CoinMarketCaptain. To find out more about these ASSETS and how you can get CoinMarketCaptain, click here

The 1,200 Premium LANDS will come with 2 premium CMC heroes, and in total there will be 5 heroes to choose from. After the first wave ends, a 6th LEGENDARY NFT will be up for grabs at a bonus event. 

Stay tuned for the latest announcements from The Sandbox!

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