The Sandbox NFT Marketplace Beta Releasing Soon

The Sandbox is launching the first phase of its marketplace Beta on March 30. This is the first phase of the Beta rollout, which will be followed by the launch of play-to-earn in The Sandbox Explorer Season.

For phase one, there are 107 NFTs that will be sold for $SAND, designed by 46 artists from the Creator Fund. The $SAND revenue will be split between the artists and The Sandbox, with 95% going to the artist and the remaining 5% to finance more creators and artists in the Game Maker and Creators Funds.

The marketplace Beta is the first step towards the launch of The Sandbox metaverse. It is also the first time creators will be able to publish and share their NFT creations with anyone in the world and to earn $SAND by selling them. The team will be introducing new features with time so everyone can publish and monetize their NFTs. 

The aim of the marketplace is to serve as a decentralized location for artists to share and trade their creations with the rest of The Sandbox’s audience for $SAND. In phase one, the marketplace will give a general overview of the various assets and NFTs that can be sold for $SAND.The NFT asset category consists of Entity, Equipment, Wearables, and Art. 

Anyone will be able to buy an NFT listed for sale for $SAND as long as they have an account on The Sandbox and $SAND. Read the full report and all the details regarding minting and publishing on the marketplace Beta here.

Image credit: via The Sandbox

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