The Sandbox Game Maker V0.6 is Live

V0.6 , the latest version of The Sandbox Game Maker, is live! The updated Game Maker comes with a number of new and exciting features, as well gameplay improvements, to amplify the user experience. 

An NFT image component has been added to allow users to add and showcase NFT images from OpenSea onto the Game Maker, and use the NFT inventory feature to see the NFTs in OpenSea. Creators will also have the ability to create experiences such as an NFT environment or an art gallery by putting these NFTs on billboards and picture frames.

Settings have been added to the V0.6’s play mode settings so users can change resolution and screen mode, turn sound on and off, control the Play Camera sensitivity, and view the play mode Control Scheme. Another new feature, called ‘Version check’ has also been added. This feature will request you to update every time Game Maker is updated.

A number of Play Mode improvements have been made to the combat system such as ‘Heavy Attack Damage Zone,’ ‘Stun System,’ and ‘Parry System’ features. And a mini map compass has been added to orientate yourself and be provided with specific experience data before entering a new experience.

Read more about Game Maker V0.6 here and download the latest version here.

Image credit: via The Sandbox

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