Metaverse Explorer: Scouting “The Sanctuary” in Decentraland

Welcome back the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you were hoping to find your next art gallery event venue, you’re reading the right piece. In this article we are going to be exploring The Sanctuary. In the Southwest corner, located adjacent to a road, is a hidden gem worth significant consideration. The Sanctuary serves as a welcoming space for metaverse citizens to share perspectives, experience and knowledge through art and community. The mastermind behind this experience is Matimio and can be found on Twitter here.

The Sanctuary is an up-and-coming location surrounded by other projects including Ganesha Token, a comedy club, the Xeia Gallery and the Ancient Egypt Club. The building has an eclectic color scheme consistent of vibrant pinks, yellows, greens and whites. The building is on an elevated base, which serves as a ground floor featuring Crypto Crystal Art. The entrance of the building reminds me of Ancient Roman architecture. The blue and white stairs lead to a golden doorway, sandwiched between two large plants.











I love the intricate details that went into building the structure. The building has pink neon lines that create a border outlining the entire base. The hybrid indoor/outdoor exhibit is a unique touch and I appreciate the lighting, which can be switched on and off. The structure was built with assets from DCL Builders Project by SWISS.











The inside of the museum has a gallery-type feel with NFT pieces including names, art and a POAP piece. The back of the build has bayside windows with views of Decentraland’s beautiful blue skies. The building is 3 stories with a spiral staircase providing access to all floors. The featured art piece in the gallery is currently Crypto Dragon by CryptoBoyNFTs. The top floor resembles the head of a lighthouse, and includes a JD set and glass flooring. The top floor’s art includes two name pieces called “Sanctuary” and “TheFuture.”

The Sanctuary is an eclectic community center with the leadership to propel it into the Decentraland spotlight. I love the community Matimio is building. He is frequently collaborating with other members of the community to bring more events and buzz into the Decentraland universe.

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