The Rise of Wax, The King of NFTs – By Jeffalomaniac

Well hello there, if you are reading this then either my boyish good looks or the WAX blockchain sparked your interest; either way, I’ll take it and we are glad you are here! After reaching out to the good folks at NFTPlazas about needing more WAX blockchain specific pieces, I threw my hat into the ring, so here we are with a new WAX column. 

First off let me introduce myself, my name is Jeff but I go by jeffalomaniac online, a loud mouth Bostonian, Crypto Enthusiast, and self proclaimed professional NFT Gamer. 

My goal with this new weekly column is to bring WAX to the masses, help educate the new users on the WAX blockchain for easy adoption, and spotlight some deserving artists and projects that are doing innovative and creative things.

The WAX Blockchain 

Let’s do the geeky data stuff real quick as you will come to find I am a data-driven man. It’s been a banner month for Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX), a purpose-built blockchain designed for ecommerce efficiency . 

Announcements from WAX’s Twitter feed adding its 2,000,000th wallet created, as well as a record 425,000 daily users have been all over social media for the past few days. Until recent weeks the majority of the growth has been organic with new users flooding the hit game Alien Worlds. (more on that later). 

Then finally, later in the month of April came the Topps Digital MLB release. Simply put this was an enormous test for the WAX blockchain which sustained an incredible influx of users and cash onto the network. Topps MLB came out of the gate with 7 days in aftermarket sales totaling $4,148,089. Don’t let me mislead you, the WAX blockchain is no stranger to big name IP with Deadmau5, Capcom’s Street Fighter and Atari having already released content on the WAX network. 

Up until now, most WAX projects have started as small communities of people coming together over a common goal or task. Projects like Uplift Art’s first goal was to build a school in Haiti. Corey and the crew over there built a school in Haiti, and then spun their project into a MineCraft-based metaverse called The Uplift World on the blockchain, which happens to be one of the hottest out there. 

Bitcoin Origins has had a community of over 5 thousand on a treasure hunt for a Bitcoin. The contest is down to 20 contestants which I believe are on their way to solving the first part of the treasure hunt this next couple weeks. The draw for these projects was created organically through enthusiasts, word of mouth, and Twitter.

This Week’s Project Spotlight

This column will also be used to spotlight deserving projects or artists centered totally on the WAX blockchain while running a nice giveaway to give it the attention it deserves. We are most definitely starting with my favorite project – Alien Worlds.

Project Name: Alien Worlds
Social Media: @AlienWorlds
Currency: Trillium ($TLM)
More Info/Whitepaper: Click Here 

Alien Worlds describes itself as an “NFT DeFi metaverse that stimulates economic cooperation and competition between participants by creating mechanisms for them to compete for Trillium, the scarce fungible token of the metaverse”. I call it Pro Gaming. The goal is to gain TLM, which can later be staked for voting rights or sold on one of many exchanges, including Binance. TLM has other uses but I suggest reading the white paper, joining the Discord, and watching the trailer below.

I can’t say enough about this game. I own land on Planet Naron coordinates 28:11 (try explaining to your wife you are about to spend $600 dollars on a small piece of land on an unknown planet in what they are calling a metaverse). 

For owning this land I am paid a commission for anyone mining on my land as well as a weekly distribution of $TLM based on the entire mining capacity of the planet. I am also a candidate for planetary council on Planet Naron where Alien Worlds has set up internal DAOs for planet management. I know, your head is spinning. 

A great deal of this growth came when the native token to the game, Trillium ($TLM), was announced as a project on Binance Launchpad. Binance was now going to be considered the seventh planet and you could stake your BNB/BUSD to earn TLM through PancakeSwap until it was launched on the exchange. 

The play-to-earn model is nothing new to NFT gaming with Axie Infinity and Splinterlands previously ruling the space. The perfect storm of record new users, the launchpad announcement, and an inflated price prior to the exchange launch FLOODED the Alien Worlds metaverse with new miners making it the #1 Blockchain Dapp in the world.

Prices skyrocketed on tools. What used to be a couple of dollars tool set now sold for tens of dollars. At the Binance exchange launch the price dropped to above expected levels, early adopters were rewarded and prices leveled out on the market. Alien Worlds still has many parts to the game and metaverse that have yet to be revealed. 

Users & Sales So Far

According to DappRadar the WAX-based Alien Worlds has added a whopping 1.32 million new users, and according to the Mark Cuban backed CryptoSlam! there’s been $13,569,651 (up 2239%) in spending in the past 30 days.

You’re Going to Learn Today – Getting Started on WAX

The King of NFTs you say? Simply put, ease of use. What the WAX blockchain does best is that first and foremost it allows users to use the blockchain without knowing they are using the blockchain. It opens the door. I tell you now, my new friend, all you have to do is go to wallet.wax.io, click login, and then click on your favorite service (I always suggest Gmail) and you are done. Did you do it? See how easy that was? No fear necessary. 

It’s free to create (for the most part). Any person can create, sell, and share their NFTs with the world on WAX using one of the many tools available. Small costs such as RAM, NET, and CPU, we can go more into detail about it in a later article. 

For now all you need to know is there is no GAS. WAX is fee less. You have all of the advantages of an OpenSea or Rarible, only you can trade your NFTs. Set your commission on saleable items and receive commissions on sales and all future sales. All of the advantages of the big name NFT marketplaces but 1/100 of the cost. Variety, there are games to play, NFTs to collect, and a whole bunch of innovative applications being added to the WAX blockchain on a daily basis. 

There is something for everyone. 

That’s all for today. Join me next week!

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