The Evolution of Decentraland in 2019 – Monthly Breakdown

Another year has passed since we did our Decentraland 2018 rundown, which documented progress made throughout the year.
Last January, we were full of hope that we would now be running around the metaverse meeting new people from around the globe in a fully decentralized virtual world.
Unfortunately, we’re still not quite there yet… but we’re getting close.
By taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, breaking down progress month by month, it is really encouraging to see just how far Decentraland has actually grown and evolved in 2019.
Below is an easy to digest breakdown of some of the highlights and progress throughout the year. Most posts come with a full article link within the tweet if you require more information.


After the 2018 community vote, inflation is removed and 1% marketplace fee becomes active.

Non compliant districts are removed, with their LAND to be put up for auction sometime after full launch in 2020.


To accompany the new website design, Decentraland also revamps it’s logo for a fresh new look.

Partnership with HTC announced and causes the price of MANA to rocket on the exchanges.

LAND size is increased from 10m x 10m to 16m x 16m after community vote.

LAND is transferred to all compliant District Leaders permitting building.

MARCH 2019

Decentraland launch the Builder Tool allowing non-programmers the chance to easily drag-drop-build on their LAND.

Revamp of Decentraland SDK was trialed with a low profile developer competition. Winners announced.

MANA continues to fight bear market trends throughout crypto.

APRIL 2019

Results of the first Builder Tool contest released.

MANA token continues to attract attention and in depth analysis from traders.

External games studios start to ramp up development and fund raising.

ChainBreakers and Battle Racers are just two of several games creating strong brands.

MAY 2019

DCL Rialto launches beta version of it’s new platform aimed at connecting investors with skills they need to bring their projects to life.

LAND sales continue to dwarf other projects and show investor confidence is alive and well.

JUNE 2019

Vast improvements continue to be made on both building tools, the Decentraland SDK…

…and the Decentraland Builder Tool. New features continue to be developed and added.

JULY 2019

Decentraland launches Avatars.

The new roadmap is released and made public.

DCL University launches it’s free and comprehensive building course for SDK beginners.

MANA token continues to be listed on major exchanges.


CLOSED BETA LAUNCH of the metaverse.

Community shows first signs of real in-world gatherings.


GameJam launches. $250,000 in prizes announced to help attract top developers.

Online and Offline presentations and tutorials are organized around the world.

DCL Plazas launches an interactive map, helping closed beta users to navigate around Decentraland.

Decentraland continues to invest in development of it’s community with training videos etc.


GameJam Winners announced.

GameJam turns out to be a huge success producing the 3rd wave of in-world content.

Avatar wearables released for Halloween.

Various districts begin to show signs of progress by becoming more organized and innovative.


Decentraland LAND continues to attract investors, especially for larger, more expensive plots of LAND.

Feedback from closed beta testing continues to help Decentraland developers to fix bugs, introduce new developments and improve UX.


Builder Tool now has option to create dynamic scenes. New Creator Contest launches.

Creator Contest winners announced.

Building scenes without the need for any coding skills get’s much easier and starts to produce next level results.

Community polls begin to open voting on more complex social dilemmas.

Final Thoughts

If 2018 was the year of building out infrastructure, 2019 has been the year of building out the new world, which continues to evolve by the day.
Decentraland is now perfectly placed to build on, improve and perfect what has already been created.
A few points to focus on in 2020 should be:
– Ironing out bugs and improving UX of the explorer (metaverse)
– Completing polls on important decisions that still need to be made within the community
– Creating a successful strategy for launch
– Onboarding new users
– Removing friction for non-crypto users to enjoy Decentraland
We’re certainly looking forward to what 2020 has to bring for Decentraland.
Considering the launch of Facebook Horizon and other platforms, it could well be a make or break year.
If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to comment below and share.

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  • Riley
    Posted January 15, 2020 9:56 pm 0Likes

    This was a pretty cool wrap-up of the year! I’m really excited to see the developments this year, if this is the make it or break it year like the author mentions at the end of the article, then I really really hope Decentraland makes it.

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