New Partnership to Verify Physical Assets on Terra Virtua

Physical assets that come with NFTs are undoubtedly exciting, but a question that many people ask is – how do I know these physical assets are verified? Terra Virtua, an NFT pioneer in many different regards, has partnered up with CasperLabs, a blockchain solutions platform, to solve this problem. The partnership will offer users verified authentication of physical assets they own or purchase using the Casper Network. 

CasperLabs has the secure and decentralized technical facilities necessary to ensure the authenticity of physical items represented by NFTs on Terra Virtua, and add a layer of trust for consumers. In addition, third-parties will not be able to tamper with the security of this system.

This will be a long-term partnership, with both teams working towards the mainstream adoption of NFTs. “We are looking forward to working with CasperLabs to leverage NFTs in terms of authentication. This is a truly untapped global market and we are working closely with the Casper team to launch some great solutions,” Jawad Ashraf, Co-Founder and CTO of Terra Virtua.

The Capser Network mainnet recently went live, and the company has been growing its initiatives, especially in the Chinese and MENA communities where there is a high demand for Web3 solutions. 

Image credit: via Terra Virtua

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