Teleportation Hubs Coming Soon To Somnium Space

Teleportation Hubs will soon be available in Somnium Space VR client. There are two types of Teleportation Hubs, Founders Edition and ILO Edition. There’s only 25 of each type available. So what’s the deal with Teleportation Hubs?

Land owners who place a Teleport on their land parcel can let friends and customers teleport to and from their land even if it is far away from Somnium Waypoint. One of Somnium Space’s immersive features is that walking from A to B takes place in real time. 

This is great for enhancing a sense of space and time but not when your land is far away from Somnium Waypoint and people are trying to get to it. So a Teleportation Hub is a great option for businesses and venues that want to provide shortcuts to their customers. 

Although the price for Teleportation Hubs is quite steep, it’s a worthy investment since it’s not going to be free for those using it. Those who own a Teleportation Hub become part of the Somnium Transportation System which means that you can receive the revenue your hub makes as passive income. 

The next mode of transportation that the team is planning to implement is a special edition car model by CryptoMotors called Abyssus. The Abyssus has an aerodynamic shape allowing it to go at insanely high speeds. 

So finally no more walking from A to B! 

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