‘Blockchain Deities’ Art Project Launching Soon

A fascinating new art project called ‘Blockchain Deities’ is soon launching on MakersPlace. The incredibly talented artist behind the project, Tash Kinaesthetic, was discovered by the prominent NFT collector ‘888. 888 recently launched a project with the world’s first official and most popular meme artist, Lushsux

The Blockchain Deities collection was inspired by Greek mythology and blockchain technology. The artworks merge the old and new worlds through connecting the spiritual, humanistic, and cybernetic world. The collection consists of nine Satoshi muses, their creator, God Satoshi, the father of muses, and their mother, Titaness Mnemosyne Nakamoto, as well as an illustration of the Goddess Nakamoto.

What makes these artworks so potent is the combination of mediums they are drawn with. They are mostly made with a pencil on paper and additionally digitalized in post-production. Below is a sneak preview of what’s to come. 

blockchain deities

Tash Kinaesthetic is a perfectionist with every brush stroke on the canvas, and has a passion for complexity and precision. She is inspired by the darkest part of our consciousness; the world of robotic elves, strange aliens, morbid apparitions, fears, and chaotic dehumanization. However, all of her artworks radiate an indefinable inner beauty. 

Follow Tash Kinaesthetic on Instagram for the latest updates and the release date, this one is going to be big! You can also see more of her art on MakersPlace

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