All That Went Down at the Successful Aavegotchi Launch

Earlier this week we celebrated the long anticipated launch of Aavegotchi, the digital pet collectibles game, which was released with 10,000 Gen1 Portals up or grabs. Here’s a brief overview of what went down. 

The launch was a major success with no infrastructure crashes, and potential bots were prevented. Bravo! The total sales volume of the wearables, consumable NFTs, and Portals exceeded $5.5 million USD worth of GHST which is very impressive, but probably expected for a game with such a promising future.

During the event there were more than 25,000 unique visitors to the website and the first 10,000 Portals sold out in less than a minute. Surprising or not? Everything seems to be selling out in seconds in the NFT world! Luckily, there was a 25 Portals per transaction buy limit so more people could get their hands on them. 

The Bazaar, Aavegotchi’s secondary NFT marketplace, has also seen a massive influx of follow-on activity with closed Portals, open Portals, and already summoned Aavegotchi trading volume.

There were some rumours spreading around that those who paid higher gas fees managed to get more Portals which was unexpected. The Aavegotchi team has confirmed this is not true and that gas fees didn’t play a role in the success of purchasing a Portal because the team used Biconomy, a meta transaction service that levels the playing field for all participants. We’re still on the fence about that one, increasing gas certainly appeared to play a role in whether portal transactions were confirmed or not.

Nevertheless, the Aavegotchi contract shows that over 1,750 unique wallets hold Aavegotchis for an average of just under 6 portals per address. That sounds like fair play. In addition to portal sales, thousands of new wearables have now been sold, with only the “Glass of Milk” item still available today. It appears NFT folk aren’t too keen on milk.

Congratulations to the team for a successful launch!

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