Street Fighter Coming to WAX this Thursday

Street Fighter™ is coming to WAX!

Capcom and WAX have teamed up to create digital collectibles for the legendary fighting franchise Street Fighter. You’ll now be able to buy, sell and trade Street Fighter NFTs

The official launch date is on February 18th at 12PM EST on the WAX Blockchain and the sale will only last for 24 hours. Pack opening and crafting will begin right after the sale ends on February 19th at 12PM EST. 

There will be two packs available at the sale. The first one is a Standard Pack with 10 cards for $9.99 per pack. The second one is an Ultimate Pack with 60 cards for $49.99 per pack.


The Street Fighter NFTs will come in 8 different rarities. They are Standard, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ultra Rare.

There is also a newly styled crafting system where you can combine Build Cards to create Ultra Rare cards. You start by opening packs of Build Cards and combining two matching Build Cards to unlock a new card with one of six rarities. Keep adding additional Build Cards to continue upgrading the card’s power score until it reaches a score of five. You’ll then be able to unlock a special Class Card in one of 6 rarities. 

Don’t miss out on claiming a free and exclusive Street Fighter NFT sticker every day until the launch! The stickers include Rashid, R.Mika, Zangief, and Ryu. 

Photo credit: via WAX

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