Stephy Fung Drop on KnownOrigin This Week

Some tantalizing artworks by four spectacular artists are dropping on KnownOrigin this week on February 25th at 8PM UTC. The featured artists are Stephy Fung, Siraj, Dreamonaut, and Laurie Greasley. 

Stephy Fung is a 3D motion designer based in London. Her work is characterized by Chinese motifs and it revolves around celebrating Chinese culture. Stephy started her art career as an intern for various projects while she was still studying. Many of her artworks are digital fashion pieces, and she is playing an important role in pushing digital fashion forward. Her drop on KnownOrigin is called ‘Empress’ Stroll’ and it is an animated piece showing an Empress taking a stroll through the zingy blue halls of a palace while wearing a golden gown with velvety blue patterns. This is the second piece of Stephy’s Qipao collection. 

Siraj is a visual artist from India and his works are minimal and abstract in style. Siraj’s piece ‘Betrayal’ explores this complex emotion which many of us encounter at some stage of our lives. The artwork is rendered in 4K resolution. 

Dreamonaut is a graphic designer and self-taught 3D artist. His artworks are inspired by the elements of nature, music, the universe and the whole spectrum of human emotions. His piece is called ‘Mother Gaia’ and it portrays the relation between mankind and nature. 

Laurie Greasley is an illustrator and conceptual artist. Laurie’s abstract piece ‘Adapter’ represents the erratic behaviours of an abandoned machine on the streets of Tokyo.

Check out their pieces and support them over here!

Image credit: Art by Stephy Fung

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