Stellabelle Builds Cryptovoxels Masterpiece in Preparation For New Art Exhibition

Stellabelle, an insanely talented artist, writer and metaverse builder, just built a 3D money printer on Cryptovoxels. She has her own art gallery on Cryptovoxels called Stellabelle’s Gallery.

Recently, she tweeted about the newly-built printer which shows an infinite supply of dollars cranking out of a machine. This edgy piece on Cryptovoxels is a take on the popular meme “Money printer go BRRR” that went viral last year.

The meme was created to bring an understanding of the Federal Reserve, Bitcoin, and Monetary Policy to the mainstream consciousness.

The printer is a teaser for the upcoming exhibition. On March 6th at 12PM PST Stellabelle will be hosting an art exhibition in Stellabelle’s Museum in Cryptovoxels. It is called ‘The F*ck Wall Street Crypto Art Exhibition.’ The exhibition will feature art by Miss Al Simpson, Robness, Lambie, Brain Pasta, Stellabelle, and more!

We 100% agree with you Stellabelle…. F*ck Wall Street!

Artists are welcome to apply to be part of the exhibition. The theme of the artwork submitted must be related to wallstreetbets, Wall Street, rich vs. poor, economic inequality, greed, the “little guy,” GME, Robinhood, crypto, DOGE, etc. The deadline for submission is February 25th.

Stellabelle has been experimenting with her creativity most of her adult life. Her unique style is characterised by what she calls a “very organic and surreal style.” And this is certainly true, her artwork is super catchy and mesmerising. You can explore more of her creations here.

She also hosts a mini video series on Twitter called Top5NFT where she explores different themes of cryptoart. Make sure to catch her daily videos on her Twitter account!

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