Star Atlas Teams Up with Unicly to Bring Fractionalized NFTs

Star Atlas, a space exploration strategy game and blockchain-driven virtual metaverse, has partnered up with Unicly, an NFT fractionalization platform. Star Atlas will be launching an NFT art collection called ‘Re-Birth,’ where the Genesis and Lore of Star Atlas will be unveiled to the collectors for the very first time. Re-Birth is a 14-week campaign where each week a new piece will be revealed which will be available on several different NFT marketplaces. 

In order to make NFTs accessible for everyone, Star Atlas will be using the Unicly platform to fractionalize the NFT collection. Collectors will have the chance to buy a fractional portion of the collection, instead of having to buy all 14 pieces. This way, even those who can’t afford to spend a fortune, will be able to participate. 

Re-Birth will also come with its own Star Atlas-branded fractionalized token. Token holders will be able to manage the collection through staking. In addition, those who hold Star Atlas NFTs will have the opportunity to farm Unicly’s governance token, $UNIC. 

Star Atlas is the first gaming metaverse to introduce fractionalized NFTs. After the launch of Re-Birth, Unicly developers will continue to work with Star Atlas and fractionalize other valuable in-game items and collections. 

Read the full partnership announcement and details over here

Image credit: Star Atlas

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