Star Atlas and OMNI Partner Up to Improve MMORPG

OMNI, a new type of social media platform (not yet released) that has a big chance of taking the world by storm, has partnered up with Star Atlas, an MMORPG within a metaverse based on a future society in the year 2620.

Users of OMNI will be able to go live within the app, share stories, create channels, chat with other users, video or audio call, sell or buy products in stores, create videos and photos with special effects, and much more. But what makes this app different to other social media apps is that the app will reward its users for their in-app actions with OMNI coins, tokens that can be used within the app or exchanged on a decentralized exchange.

The partnership between OMNI and Star Atlas aims to give exposure to and allow players to share their experiences on the blockchain via social media. Star Atlas characters of the game will have their own OMNI account with its own personality traits, so those characters of the game will be able to interact through OMNI’s app, to expand the online experience to social media giving their users the ability to live the full event. 

OMNI will also have its own NFT marketplace where Star Atlas NFTs will be sold. Social media is at the core of successful marketing, so this will not only help to increase sales and expand the project, but it will also help grow the Star Atlas economy by allowing them to reach new investors.

Both OMNI and Star Atlas want to encourage the monetization of time spent in the virtual world, so this partnership is another step towards creating new opportunities for users to be rewarded, and for monetization to transcend the metaverse to the real world through the blockchain.

Image credit: via OMNI

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