One of the Last Splinterlands Untamed Airdrops Coming Up

Only four more cards (out of 14) are left to be released into the Splinterlands Untamed set via airdrop, and the next airdrop is coming up soon. As Splinterland fans will know, for every 100,000 Untamed Splinterlands Booster Packs sold, a brand new card is airdropped to players who have purchased Untamed packs since the set began. Right now, there are 7,000 Booster Packs remaining for sale, so the next airdrop is almost here. 

The airdrop will feature the Goblin Firemage card. The card is a low-mana Epic sorcerer and a useful addition to each players’ Fire collection. The Firemirage can remove positive status effects from every card it hits and reduce the hit percentage of enemies in level 5. 

The card is Epic, so the number of Firemages earned by each player will be based on the rarity drop chances of Epic cards. The average chances of finding a Goblin Firemage is 1 in 70 packs, or 1.429%. However, players are guaranteed at least one Goblin Firemage for every 70 Untamed packs they have purchased.

Read the full details about the next airdrop and the Goblin Firemage lore here.

Image credit: via Splinterlands

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