Splinterlands Raises the Bar Once Again

Blockchain trading behemoth, “Splinterlands,” recently sold out of their “Untamed Edition” booster packs. A notable achievement when you realise that the total supply was 1.5 million!

As the sale gathered pace, it is reported that packs were selling at a rate of 2500 per hour, before finally running out completely on Friday June 11th. That’s a total of 120,000 packs in the last two days of the initiative. Now, acquisition of cards lies in third party peer-to-peer markets, “Atomic Hub” (WAX blockchain) and Hive-Engine (Hive blockchain).

Events can be traced back to their recent announcement of the “Splintershards” governance token, following which, demand spiked for a land sale for the upcoming “Splinterlands Land Expansion” (coming in Q4 2021), which then snowballed into the booster packs sale.

Splinterlands began life in 2018 and is one of the earliest trading games to adopt blockchain technology. They now see an average of 600,000 transactions per day, and have hosted over 60 million total matches. Considering these impressive stats, Splinterlands is one of the most active blockchain games around today.

Later in the year will see the introduction of the SPS token and the creation of a DAO governance system. And finally, the full release of the “Splinterlands Land Expansion” which will allow players to mint their own spells and items for use in the game.

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Image credit via: Splinterlands

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