Special Hackatao and Delbo Drop to Celebrate Women

Get your digital wallets ready for an unforgettable drop this Thursday, March 4 at 3:30PM PST on Makersplace. The two creative CryptoArt legends, Hackatao and José Delbo, have collaborated on a series of artworks called ‘Heroines.’ These artworks are a visual ode and celebration of women and their inherent heroism. 

The collaborative series is inspired by real-life heroines that have played an important role in changing history and empowering women. Here’s a quick overview of what this drop is all about. 

There will be two pieces up for auction, ‘Weight of the World,’ and ‘Together We Stand.’ The auctions for these pieces will close at 8PM and 6PM PST respectively on Friday, March 5th. There will be four open edition artworks for 15 minutes only between 3:30PM and 3:45PM PST. These are ‘Superstars,’ ‘Shine Bright,’ ‘Heroines – Classic Edition,’ and ‘Carry the World Forward.’ Two of them are colour animations along with a soundtrack for $2999, and two of them are black and white animations for $999. 

There will also be a raffle plus charity auction for ten editions of ‘Heroines- Stand Out.’ The third edition will be given to the winner of a raffle contest on Twitter and the tenth edition will be auctioned off with 100% of the earnings going to Girls Who Code

José Delbo is the legend behind the pen of some of our favourite comics and superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Batman, and Transformers. Hackatao is an iconic duo popular for their contemporary creation style which incorporates elements of street art, graphic design, tattoo art and more.

Sign up and get more details about the drop here

Image credit: Art by Hackatao and Delbo

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