South American Art Collective “CryptoArg” Show Their Mettle

Argentinian digital art conglomerate CryptoArg are showcasing a new collection of unique artworks in KnownOrigin’s gallery in Decentraland.

CryptoArg’s collection, titled “Microsistemas” will debut today May 7, from 11pm to 1am UTC. It will feature the unique visions of the artists involved, including epic other worldly vistas, organic microcosms and abstract geometric superstructures. The event promises to be something special.


The works all vary greatly in style and medium. The exhibition showcases talents in areas such as 2D imagery, animation, digital sculpture, and VR rendered environments. In addition to being displayed in the Decentraland gallery, all of the artworks are also available on Known Origin.

Keep an eye on CryptoArg to see what they are planning next.

Image credit: via CryptoArg

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