Soulcops Encrypted NFTs – Here to Protect the World from Cybernetic Criminals

The world is in grave danger. Chaos is about to descend. Cybernetically enhanced criminals and mercenaries from a multinational organization called Hexagon Technologies are taking over. They must be stopped at any cost, that is why Soulcops Encrypted are here to protect the world.

But they must first recruit 10,000 cybernetically enhanced Police to take on these high-tech outlaws from Hexagon Technologies, and fight for justice. Will you be one of them?

The Collection

The 10,000 cybernetic cops will be on the Ethereum blockchain, with 18 unique traits and separated by different class levels. The NFTs will come in the form of world-class graphics and animation along with a futuristic cyberpunk genre. The money from the initial launch of the collection will be used to expand the Soulcops Universe and unlock the roadmap.

The Roadmap

The roadmap includes a number of prizes and upgrades, such as the creation of comics, merchandise, and games. At 25% of sales, a special derivative contest will be held for NFT holders to win prizes, and at 50% the team will produce a world-class comic story with talents who previously worked for Marvel/DC Comics which includes stories from contest winners.

At 75%, the production of cool merchandise designs will take place, and at 100% is where things get really wild. Soulcops will share a roadmap with the community of a series of games utilizing NFTs which they plan to execute. Members will be able to choose which product the team should go for first.

To participate in the presale, users will have to obtain badges through community engagement and participation in an ongoing event. The number of badges in possession determines how many NFTs members can mint during the presale and public sale. Both will take place in mid-November 2021, so make sure to join the Discord group stay up to date.

The Team

The fully doxxed team behind the Soulcops project consists of top-tier Indonesian creatives, who have extensive experiences in the IP industry as well as leading technology platforms in the country. This includes; Mochtar Sarman with 21 Years experience in Disney Consumer Products, Sunny Gho, CEO of Kosmik Network and a colorist who works with Marvel, DC, and Netflix to name a few, Irzan Raditya, CEO and Co-Founder of Kata.ai, largest Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform in Indonesia, Chris Lie, Founder of Caravan Studio, Hasby Ristama, Founder of national scale competitions  Police Movie Festival and Police Comic Competition, and Aji Pratomo, Founder of Infia Group, the largest IP and Content House in Indonesia.

Soulcops is expected to be one of the first NFT projects from Indonesia to set a true world-class benchmark for the local creative industry and Intellectual Property. So get ready to return the balance in the world and bring justice for all!

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