Sotheby’s Opens NFT Gallery in Decentraland

Sotheby’s is quickly becoming the most prominent traditional art house to integrate with the CryptoArt scene. Along with their massively successful event, Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, they have also opened up their very own metaverse art gallery in Decentraland.

The gallery is located in Decentraland’s Voltaire Art District, and the building is a replica of the auction house’s iconic New Bond Street Galleries in London. There are five ground level gallery spaces and Sotheby’s London Commissionaire, Hans Lomulder, awaits to greet visitors at the door.

Visitors can enjoy a virtual tour of the auction, featuring a number of early NFT artworks as well as unique works by some of the most loved and most recognised CryptoArtists in the scene right now. The Natively Digital auction will end on June 10th, with CryptoPunk 7523 as the grand finale sale which will be live streamed in the virtual gallery.

Other highlights include the exhibition of Robert Alice’s own artwork and one of the first NFT artworks to be minted on a blockchain by Kevin McCoy. Alice’s artwork is an intelligent NFT (iNFT) that learns as you speak to it. There will be live streams in Decentraland where Alice will talk to the NFT to demonstrate the learning capabilities of the artwork.

There are still a few days left of the Natively Digital auction, stay tuned here for the big sales that will happen in the coming days as it comes to an end.

Visit Sotheby’s Gallery in Decentraland >> Here

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