Somnium Sells A Virtual Estate for a Record-Breaking Price

One of the largest estates in Somnium Space has sold for 250 ETH ($444.470). This is the biggest purchase of virtual land up to date in Somnium. The estate is made up of 28 XL land parcels.

Somnium has seen a massive spike in trading volume recently, with close to $1.2 million in trading volume over the past one week. The buyer of this estate is known as WCB2, and anyone can view what he owns in Somnium Space via DappRadar. According to his holdings, he seems to be quite invested in this particular metaverse, he has 52 NFTs in Somnium under his name, plus the new 28 land parcels that he bought. 

The land parcels were purchased from Chris Bell, one of the most active traders in Somnium Space. His portfolio can also be viewed on DappRadar. Chris Bell has an entire website about cryptocurrencies, tokens, real estate and virtual lands which you can dig into here

Somnium Space has been growing rapidly in the past few months, with many new builds and exciting features being added to the space. Perhaps, these land parcels will soon be used for new projects and contribute to making Somnium an increasingly dynamic and immersive virtual world. 

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