Somnium Space – Last Chance to Buy Auctioned Land Until Autumn

Over the course of the last 10 weeks, Somnium Space has been running a series of 3 day auctions. Each week, 25 premium land parcels, all located in some of the best areas of the map, have been sold on Opensea, helping Somnium Space reach the milestone of 500+ unique addresses now holding land.

Named “The Road to SLO (Second Land Offering)” the final installation of this initiative starts today, 21st May 2020, and will end in 3 days time.

Next week, we will be running through all the sales data and crunching the numbers and trends, but for now, if you want to grab some land in Somnium at bargain prices, we recommend you check out the auction on Opensea here (select Expiring Soon).

Smart Thinking

The recent auctions have created the perfect test environment for Somnium Space to try out different auction formats, and they have been very thorough, probably testing every auction format known to man, which has been confusing at times. Traditional auctions, Dutch Auctions, Selling for Ethereum, Selling for Somnium Cubes, Selling bundles of land as estates etc.

Nevertheless, this is a smart move, and should now have given Somnium the data they need when it comes to laying down a strategy to get the maximum return when the major auction for all remaining parcels starts, due sometime this Autumn (2020).

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