Somnium Space Land Rental Market Opens

Expanding interest in virtual blockchain worlds isn’t always easy. It often comes with many learning curves for new users, as well as several barriers to entry.

One of those barriers can be the financial / investment aspect, after all, plots of land will usually cost a 3 figure $ sum at the very least, which is little for some, but unattainable for others.

To counter this, Somnium Space has just created the option to rent land within their interface. This is a promising development which will open up the possibilities for a larger audience to be able to create and deploy a fantastic scene on their rented land.

The video released (below) shows you how quick and easy it is to give somebody else editing rights to your land.


This new feature is also a welcome addition for existing land owners, who will now have the option to either rent out their land for free to creators, or list it for a fee (in Somnium Cubes) on the new marketplace.

>> Community built tool for rental listings


This is a feature which will probably not be used very much until there are ways to generate an income from land in Somnium Space. However, rentals will certainly have a much more important role to play in the future, as the platform attracts more entrepreneurs looking to add value and build out the in-world economy.

Community Note

This is the start of what will now be ongoing coverage of Somnium Space by DCLPlazas. We encourage you to read more about us, and hope that the community will get behind us, as we continue to produce more articles. The ultimate aim is to help grow Somnium Space, and other virtual blockchain worlds, by spreading the word to new communities, developers and investors. Let’s grow the metaverse, together.

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