Somnium Space and Denevraut – Building the Future of VR

As the Somnium Space metaverse gathers steam, a growing number of content creators are climbing on board to help bridge the gap between imagination and reality. One such person is multi-media artist, NFT ambassador and avatar architect Denevraut.

Creating full-body VR avatars custom tailored for Somnium Space, Denevraut’s goal is to allow Somni-nauts to explore the virtual-universe in any form they desire. Chiefly, the plan is for people to express their inner personality without the limitations of inconveniences like skin and flesh. In effect, this results in a no-holds barred opportunity to be whoever you want. You can even choose to be yourself (yeah right).

With members of the government already catered for with his lizard-humanoid creations, Denevraut invites prospective explorers to work with him to create the ultimate VR alter ego. Check out his cool promotional video below:

Denevraut will design and build any creation your heart desires. Maybe he will even allow you take one of his existing avatars for a test drive. In particular, his current favourite creation, a bipedal Hyena.

Eventually, Denevraut sees a virtual world where avatars can interact with each other and with the environments we create. He imagines massive, interactive and fully immersive artworks that test the limits of human imagination.

So, in summary, if you want to be an invincible 100-metre-tall robot pangolin, then your time has finally arrived.

>> Check out Denevraut’s gallery in Somnium Space >> Here
>> Visit the Denevraut account on OpenSea >> Here

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